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                                                      Build a small community

                                                      Post content and exchange messages publicly and privately.


                                                      Categorized forums
                                                      Organize your forums topics in categories and sub forums.
                                                      Full permissions control
                                                      Control who can read, post and manage your forums topics and posts, you can assign permissions per forum and have forum specific moderators.
                                                      Trophies and voting
                                                      Enable post voting and user trophies to motivate your users to join discussions.
                                                      Private messaging
                                                      Powerful private messaging feature, each user can have their own messages inbox and outbox.
                                                      Private content
                                                      Users can mark some of the post content as private, the content will be visible for them and for moderators only.
                                                      Allow users to upload and attach files easily using the bbcode editor.
                                                      Users can upload their avatars, they can also resize or crop the image to match the forum requirements.
                                                      Display advertising content inside the forums topics to promote content or generate revenue.
                                                      Favorites & Subscriptions
                                                      Users can add topics to a personal favorites list or subscribe to topics to receive topic updates.
                                                      Admins and users can tag and/or feature specific topics.
                                                      Responsive interface
                                                      Clean and responsive layout.
                                                      Code highlighting
                                                      Code highlighting feature in posts.
                                                      Forum search
                                                      Full forum search feature based on word recurrence.
                                                      RSS feed
                                                      RSS feed feature for forums pages.
                                                      Most features use AJAX in order to perform tasks with minimum server load and without reloading pages.
                                                      Strong Moderation
                                                      Topics, posts and users can be quickly removed in case of spam.
                                                      Google noCaptcha support to block users posting spam content.
                                                      Rich text editor
                                                      Edit posts content easily using the built in rich text editor
                                                      Let your users use Emojis in posts.